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03:51pm 28/04/2004
Hedwig's Angry inch...:O
i saw the hot thick red tall sexylicous girl in thelaundry room 3 times today and she's all hot and shit and she looked at me all hazel-eyed and shit and i think i came. twice.

i still can't believe Mo leaned on my boobies like 5 seconds after i told her i liked her to "see who was in the hall" riiiiight
mood: amorous - more like pepe lepewamorous - more like pepe lepew
music: jimmy neutron - funny funny
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o wow...  
02:45pm 27/03/2004
Hedwig's Angry inch...:O
before i continue, let me predict which nickelodeon old school show i am.... i am salute your shorts. bb iniminit...takin the test.
AW FUCK!! i'm
You are CLARISSA EXPLAINS IT ALL. She is a rad
chick with absolutely no fashion sense. If you
are a guy and chose this... you are gay.

Which old school Nickelodeon show are you?
brought to you by Quizilla
this is an outrage! i'm taking this again!
mood: MY male friends like doors.MY male friends like doors.
music: silence.
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02:09pm 27/03/2004
Hedwig's Angry inch...:O
i fuckin failed that damn geography test. go figure. whatever, i'll do better on the next one. how the hell do you expect me to remember that the Basques want their own nation?? i'm not basque, therefore, i don't care.
mood: still done wit itstill done wit it
music: I Need Love - LL Cool J (yeah i'm takin' yall back)
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oh yeh  
09:48pm 28/02/2004
Hedwig's Angry inch...:O
who knew that something random could taste so good?

well i dont' guess it's random, but yeh it's random to me.

ramen noodles, tuna, cream of chicken soup, and cheese makes one good cheap casserole.

especially when you're poor with no job and no one will hire you for some odd reason and you've got like 100 bux to last til may....i'm not gonna make it. oh but wait - i did just pay a phone bill and i don't guess they've cashed that check yet so i'm probably even lower on money and all i have to eat is soup and tuna-ramen casserole.

i'm depressed. i'm gonna go eat some more casserole.
mood: somethingsomething
music: still kanye west. good ass cd!!
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(no subject)  
11:08pm 26/02/2004
Hedwig's Angry inch...:O
99% Of The Internet Loves Me!
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that is all. unless i see somn else cool. ^_^
mood: loved n stuff ^_^loved n stuff ^_^
music: pretty girl - jon b. that sexy motherfucker.
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the DNA dance!  
12:34am 17/02/2004
Hedwig's Angry inch...:O
You are mRNA. You're brilliant, full of important,
interesting information and you're a great
friend to the people you care about. You may
have sides to you that no one understands. But
while you understand more than most people,
you're only half-there most of the time.

Which Biological Molecule Are You?
brought to you by Quizilla

man., the DNA dance. that was classic. i was the T and the U!
mood: amusedamused
music: MORE shit GAWD does it END?!?!?
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lost mah ID. i think.  
12:52am 05/02/2004
Hedwig's Angry inch...:O
i can't find my damn student ID. GODDAMNIT. i was spost to go to a b-ball game tomorrow, and without my ID, i don't think i can get in for the free.

i'm hungry.
mood: damndamn
music: scarface.
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O BOY!  
04:34pm 02/02/2004
Hedwig's Angry inch...:O

create your own visited states map
or write about it on the open travel guide

so i've been more places than i thought! that makes me cool! .....!t00w
mood: retardedretarded
music: timbaland & magoo - nigga that shit ain't gon work
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montezuma's revenge  
08:34am 02/02/2004
Hedwig's Angry inch...:O
so i'm in my 8AM class (i made it on time and everything, and without a hangover)and my teacher mentions this virus that's goin around and how he's usually the first to catch it...he was like i mioght let class out a little early...ten minutes later he was standin at the podium really still and he goes "ok so i'm gonna see ya wednesday, i hafta...go ride the porcelain pony." and left! OMFG we couldn't stop laughin cuz we got let out ten minutes into class cuz our teacher had to take a mad shit. i'm excited. that might be the highlight of my day today.

DAMN i heard some cartoon music and i thought they were gonna show animaniacs. that woulda been cool as The Fuck.
mood: my teacher had to crap!!my teacher had to crap!!
music: some damn baby looney tunes bullshit
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You have been branded...  
02:49am 01/02/2004
Hedwig's Angry inch...:O
so yeah!

guess what the FUCK me and Big R did. remember how i said we made up a drag king fratority Lambda Epsilon Zeta??? WELL! one night big r was over and wasl ike dude, we gotta make some flyers and just put 'em on cars all around campus just to be stupid and hear people talk.

she shouldn't have said that.

i ran to my computer and made the most kickass flyer in like 10 minutes. we took it to kinko's at 1 in the morning and made 50 copies and went to put them on the cars around Hodank's dorm, but not FOTW's car. cuz she'd get pissy. asswitch. but anyway, when we went all these damn cars and people decided they wanted to come back from the club or some bullshit so we were like DAMN. so we went and attacked surrounding dorms, including the freshman dorm and the girl i have a crush on *le sigh* and then we came back. but we decided we wanted them to definitely see it. so we decided (i really need a thesaurus) to put it on the door across from Hodank. but we were like damn, how we gonna do it? so i was like look wait around this corner and i'll run in and tape it up and run around the corner. so i was scared as The Fuck cuz Hodank called my ass to bitch about the note we left on FOTW's car last night. fuckin asswipe. who gives a shit? anyway, so i taped the flyer up and everything and hauled out before the outer door closed on me, cuz they woulda heard it open again. i am just so damn excited that we did some dumb shit like that, and OMFG we hit a sorority house with it too LMAO!!!!!!!! it's like, i'm making up for all the dumb shit i didn't do in high school by doin it now, and apparently so is Big R LMBAO cuz we're too excited about it. it's one of those things you wish you had a videocamera for because it's so stupid that you wanna capture it on tape....forEVER. and ya kno what, by the time FOTW leaves Hodank's room, there should be some littered about, so she'll see like, many of them, not just like that one on her nayber's door. atrocious spelling, i know. man i'm spent. i'm goin to bed. :)..>:D hehehehehe!
mood: like a pranksta, muthafuckas!!like a pranksta, muthafuckas!!
music: bugs bunny
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