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it's shake n bake.....AND I HAILPT!  
06:55pm 23/08/2004
Hedwig's Angry inch...:O
so today was first day of classes. and look how i'm tuping. damn shame. but i think i'ma like them, like i was a little intimidated by the concept of argumentation but i think it's gonna be a really fun class. my psych teacher is a really monotone really funny dude and there's like, an assload of people in that class. i coudlnt' see any eye candy cuz was in the very front. but MAN in my geography class....there is the most BEAUTIFUL girl i have ever seen IN MY LIFE. she's a little lighter than me, she had green eyes and really clear skin, prefect teefs, black curly curly hair and a big ass. ...GORGEOUS. just. yes.

so this hot girl from the internet wants to hang out. she's hot. so i might hafta hang with huh-azz.

LMAO someone called and i told g-ette to answer it...now she's been takin a survey for the past 10 minutes. funny funny.
music: spongebob
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