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12:09am 22/06/2004
Hedwig's Angry inch...:O
dear Diary
*sigh* today, Diary, Darkness broke my scanner. she stole my void thingie and was runnin around with it and i had to chase her for it and shit adn well i leaned over to get it and messed up my scanner so TECHNICALLY i broke it but it was cuz o her.

work was cool. it was boring. but it was cool. man these ghetto ass peopel came in like right before i got off an they were al hugged up on each other i was like ok pay for yo shit? please? i mean really. REALLY. no. REALLY.
i am at tiffany's house its a PARTY yall!!
my feet hurt.
i have nothin to say.
mood: mephistomephisto
music: air
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